Develop an attacking mentality with
Striker School
We'll turn you into a defender's worst nightmare.
Attacking Moves and Advanced Footwork

FASTrack Striker School

In today’s game, great goal scorers need skill, speed, confidence, and an ATTACKING MENTALITY. If you’re a primary forward and want to be a force to be reckoned with, sign up now for the FASTrack STRIKER SCHOOL. We’ll turn you into a defender’s worst nightmare.

Our STRIKER School will teach you:

How to develop an attacking mentality
Explosive moves to beat defenders
Speed, agility, balance, and acceleration
Shooting power from both sides
Rapid set up and quick trigger
Movement without the ball
The art of “attacking” space
You’ll be a marked player…and one your opponent will never forget. Bring excitement back to the game. SIGN UP NOW.

Our Advanced STRIKER School takes it to the next level, providing players with instruction on shaping and bending shots and delivering maximum power. Players learn to combine these elements with the art of explosion, acceleration and the rapid set up required for scoring goals. By programs end, players will have the ability to chip, bend, and blast balls with precision…

The program opens with an advanced footwork curriculum and balance drills (20 minutes) and continues with 40 minutes on bending, chipping, and driving the shot with both feet. This curriculum is truly unique, providing the advanced player with a level of instruction in creative ball striking technique that few, if any, coaches take the time to deliver.