Attacking Moves and Advanced Footwork

Increase SPEED and SKILLS with FASTrack’s 2024 Sprint Series

We know why you train…it’s where you train that makes a difference. Our 8-week program is designed to build the BEST FOUNDATION for successful play. Here’s what you get:

Advanced Ball Mastery from FASTrack:  Players will develop great footwork and the ability to control the ball under pressure with our advanced curriculum. Each athlete will receive over 1,200 ball contacts in each 60-minute session. Corrections will be made to each player’s posture and balance to ensure the best foundation for successful play. Ball Mastery classes meet once per week for eight weeks and are held Monday through Friday from 4 to 8 pm.

Speed and Agility Training from FASTrack:  Players will receive speed and agility. First-step quickness, change of direction, and proper deceleration techniques will allow players to play more efficiently and reduce the risk of non-contact injuries. Speed & agility classes meet once a week for 8 weeks and are held Monday thru Saturday. 

Total Sprint Series Package: 8 FASTrack Sessions and 8 Parisi Sessions. Two sessions per week for eight weeks.

For more information call 201-788-2006 (ask for Dave) or click on the following link for information and registration.