FASTrack Soccer, LLC was established in 2004. Our purpose is to provide the most comprehensive year-round training environment for youth soccer players in the NJ/NY Metropolitan area. Players who enroll in the FASTrack program will be part of an exciting, innovative, challenging, and positive environment designed to increase FITNESS, AGILITY, SPEED, and TOUCH. All FASTrack and Parisi instructors are seasoned professionals who have had extensive experience ranging from elementary school children to professional athletes. All skills and exercises are presented as a progression from simple to more complex. This enables players to experience the thrill of mastering each activity at their own pace. Our curriculum is designed for all players.

Long Term Benefits

  • Increased speed and agility from the Parisi Speed School trainers
  • Injury risk reduction thru proper running instruction
  • Perfect first touch and control through our dynamic footwork exercises
  • Dribbling exercises which will create confidence and creativity
  • Proper ball striking instruction necessary for effective play
  • Increased self esteem through a supportive training environment
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