Making Speed and Skill Difficult To Defend
FASTrack Soccer
FASTrack Soccer
Making Speed and Skill Difficult To Defend
Development Academy
Give your player the elements they need to be successful on the field.
Scoring goals is the fun part of soccer, but at times it seems to be a lost art.
Attacking Moves &
Advanced Footwork
Learn moves that will blow a defender away!
Team Training
Is your Travel Team Training making your team Better?
Goal Keeper Training
Top Flight Goal Keeper training delivered by Caitlin Byrne
Kicks For Kids
Pre-school Soccer Fitness and Development
Summer Camps
The best speed and skill program in North Jersey.
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FASTrack Soccer
North Jersey's Premier Soccer Programs


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Speed Kills, But Speed + Skill Is Unstoppable.

Parisi FASTrack skill sessions feature innovative ball control exercises that develop perfect first touch, fast feet and quick changes in direction with a soccer ball. Ample time is also spent developing proper ball contact with both feet. To further hone these skills, players are placed in small sided and 1 vs. 1 settings. Finally, our full-sided instruction allows players to develop the vision, attitude and confidence necessary to becoming game day play makers. This combination of skill, speed and intensity is the perfect program to launch players to their full potential.

Our Mission: Building SPEED and SKILL in youth soccer players thru a dynamic, innovative, and progressive training environment.

What separates FASTrack training? We make the corrections necessary for players to reach their full potential.

FASTrack Soccer, LLC was established in 2004. Our purpose is to provide the most comprehensive year-round training environment for youth soccer players in the NJ/NY Metropolitan area. Players who enroll in the FASTrack program will be part of an exciting, innovative, challenging, and positive environment designed to increase FITNESS, AGILITY, SPEED, and TOUCH. All FASTrack instructors are seasoned professionals who have had extensive experience ranging from elementary school children to professional athletes. All skills and exercises are presented as a progression from simple to more complex. This enables players to experience the thrill of mastering each activity at their own pace. Our curriculum is designed for all players to receive the following long term benefits:

  • Increased speed and agility
  • Injury risk reduction thru proper running instruction
  • Perfect first touch and control through our dynamic footwork exercises
  • Dribbling exercises will create confidence and creativity
  • Proper ball-striking instruction necessary for effective play
  • Increased self-esteem through a supportive training environment

Our unique facility offers a climate-controlled environment for year-round training, offering:

  • 30,000 square foot training facility
  • 8,000 square feet of “state of the art” turf
  • 60-yard, 6-lane track
  • Superior weight training area
  • An observation deck and juice bar